Membership Program

Connections Membership

Being a traveler along the continuum of aging can be a daunting challenge. Having a “tour guide” and companions along the way can make the journey much easier and a lot more fun! This concept is what The Davis Community envisioned when it created Connections, a comprehensive program that provides members access to The Davis Community’s extensively-trained multidisciplinary Care Team. This specialized team will focus on keeping your health and wellness goals on track as you age. Your team is available to you at any time, keeps track of your medical history and visits you quarterly to review your health plan and answer questions. Our Connections team understands and shares your goal of staying healthy and remaining in the comfort of your home.

Our connections team includes a Registered Nurse, Certified Nursing Assistant, Registered Dietician, Physical Therapist, Pharmacist, Nutritionist and/or a Dementia Practitioner. Together, they will coordinate with you, your physicians and family members, to ensure your community providers support your health plan. We also have a list of vetted providers than can support your desire to age in place which could include modifications to your home, simple home maintenance and more.

Should you need therapy in your home or more personal care services, as a Connections Member, your team already knows your health plan and is in place to work for you. In the event of an unplanned emergency, your Connections team is at the ready to adapt to your changing needs with coordination of services.

To get CONNECTED, call Julie Lewis at 910.686.7195 or contact her by email at