Rehabilitation Center Wilmington NC

The Davis Community in Wilmington NC is the ideal place for both inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation. We offer long-term care and assisted living services.

Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy Wellness Pavilion

The Rehabilitation & Wellness Pavilion offers private rooms with in-room tiled bathrooms. Each room has a view and is within steps of the dining room and treatment rooms. The inpatient physical therapy gym, where one-on-one therapies are provided, is spacious, has a lovely view of the courtyard and is well-equipped.

Occupational therapy is provided in a separate area. It is equipped with a model kitchen, laundry area and fully functional bathroom to help the rehab guests feel comfortable with daily life before transitioning home. Simulated electronic fitness programs provide a fun and relaxing way to achieve results.  The outdoor putting green offers a great space for balance exercises and a bit of the outdoors.