Top Ten Reasons to Retire at a Wilmington NC Assisted Living Center

If your retirement is approaching, then you will soon have to be making up your mind as to where you want to spend your retired years. Now that you are no longer confined by your job, where you decide to live is entirely up to you. At Davis Community, we think our Wilmington NC assisted living center makes perfect sense because North Carolina offers an abundance of benefits to those who choose to retire here.

Here, we have compiled the top ten reasons to retire in North Carolina.

Wilmington is Regularly Voted “One of the Best Places to Live”

The Wilmington area has experienced a 20% growth in residents between 2005 and 2010 and estimates have it growing another 20% by the year 2020. One reason for this incredible growth is because the city is regularly ranked as one of the Best Places to live in the United States. From its historic sites to its beaches to its splendid climate and more, Wilmington is a popular haven for baby boomers.

Wilmington Has Incredible Beaches

What better way to spend your retirement than by relaxing on some of the country’s top-rated beaches. Wrightsville Beach is just 10 minutes from downtown Wilmington and it is considered a great beach surfing. If you prefer a more relaxed vibe, then Carolina Beach, Kure Beach and Fort Fisher will be better suited to your tastes.

The Food Scene is Diverse and Exciting

There are close to 400 restaurants in and around Wilmington, making this city a favorite for foodies. From world-class cuisine to comfort food to five-star dining, the restaurant selection will surely be able to satisfy your every craving. There’s nothing like enjoying a fresh seafood dinner along the waterfront or shopping the city’s abundant food stores for making a healthy and delicious dinner at home.

Pleasant Year-Round Weather

North Carolina is a favorite retirement spot for northeasterners because the Wilmington area enjoys a pleasantly mild climate all year long with average temperatures ranging from 46 to 81 degrees. It never gets too hot or too cold. The region enjoys longer spring seasons and it rarely receives any accumulative snowfall in the winter.

Golf, Golf, and More Golf

It’s no surprise that golf is a favorite sport among retirees, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that so many golf enthusiasts choose to retire in North Carolina. With no fewer than 28 golf courses in the Wilmington area alone, including the famous Cape Fear Country Club, there is no shortage of challenging greens for lovers of the game to take on.

Wilmington Has a Rich History

The Wilmington area has a rich history. The city played an integral part in the American Civil War and the region is filled with historical landmarks, homesteads and museums dedicated to preserving our nation’s military history.

The Intracoastal Waterway

If you’re a retiree who loves boating or is fortunate enough to have a yacht, then the Intracoastal Waterway offers a world of boating adventure. From sailing down Cape Fear River to taking a deep sea fishing cruise, the waterways in an around this area make it a nautical paradise.

Artistic Mastery

Wilmington is a great place to live if you’re a lover of the arts, an aspiring artist or a collector of art. Home to several annual art festivals, dozens of art galleries and a number of art museums, like the Cameron Art Museum and others, Wilmington offers everything one needs to feel artistically inspired and satisfied.

Abundant Shopping

The Mayfaire Towncenter in Wilmington is largely considered one of the best shopping experiences on the east coast. In fact, it has been voted Best Shopping Center for six years in a row. Also nearby is The Independence Mall, home to more than 100 brand-name stores and big box retail stores. Wilmington also boasts its fair share of small strip shopping centers, outlet malls and independently owned boutiques.

Excellent Medical Care Services

North Carolina is one of the most innovative states when it comes to healthcare and medical technology. Wilmington is home to the new Brunswick Novant Medical Center, a $107 million hospital featuring the latest technological advances in medical care and treatments. Along with a number of other top-notch hospitals, Wilmington also has a VA Medical Clinic for providing preventative and long-term care for veteran retirees.

Choose Davis, A Wilmington NC Assisted Living Center of Excellence

The Davis Community is one of the top Wilmington NC assisted living centers among retirees. Our continuing care community provides our members with an exceptional quality of life and an endless number of opportunities for enjoying everything that makes the Wilmington area so special.

If you are approaching your retirement, contact Davis Community today at 910.686.7195 or simply complete and submit our online request form to learn more about the benefits of residency at our Wilmington NC assisted living center.

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