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Our Journey to Independent Living

#1 Don’t be a Sissy! My friend’s mother, Sissy, passed away several years ago.  She was much beloved, and many family memories were preserved in her home. It was full of love. It was also filled with a lifetime accumulation of furniture, artwork, collections, Christmas, with a full attic and garage… (you get the picture…and…

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The Comfort and Convenience of One-Bedroom Homes for Seniors

As we age, our housing needs may change, and many seniors find themselves considering downsizing or moving into more suitable accommodations. One popular option for seniors is a one-bedroom home. While it may seem modest in size, there are numerous benefits to choosing a one-bedroom home that can greatly enhance the quality of life for…

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55+ retirement community in north carolina

Volunteering is the perfect way for seniors to share their time

Spring is well underway, providing plenty of opportunities for active seniors to get outside, head off on road trips, and have some fun. As the weather gets warmer, members of The Davis Community here in Wilmington, NC have plenty of beachfront activities nearby. But there’s also so much more to do near our retirement community…

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Luxury retirement homes and apartments in Wilmington

Senior Living in Wilmington, NC: 5 Things to Know

Ready to make the move to an independent senior living community? Wilmington is a popular destination for retirees with its mild climate, miles of beaches, and vibrant cultural scene. In addition to the friendly people and reasonable cost of living, you can prepare to enjoy a coastal city filled with social and recreational activities. 

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The Official Summer Guide for Seniors in Wilmington, NC

The Davis Community in Wilmington, NC, is a beautiful community for seniors year-round, but it is especially vibrant in the summertime. Between the gorgeous outdoor spaces, unique activities, perfect weather, and friendly neighbors, seniors always have plenty to do as independent living residents in Wilmington, NC. The Davis Community’s Summer Guide for Seniors Whether you…

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Renting vs. Buying for Seniors

As you age, finding the right living arrangement can be tricky. Many want an affordable home that meets their needs that helps maintain their independence. Whether you are looking for your own senior-friendly home or searching for a loved one, you’ll likely find yourself trying to decide between two options: renting and buying. To help…

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What Is Independent Living? Is It Right for My Parents?

If you are considering helping your parents transition to a senior community, you may be wondering: What are my parent’s options? What is independent living? What kind of services do my parents need? Most independent living communities look and feel like private residences but come with daily support and a variety of social gatherings, amenities,…

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