The Fitness Zone is Wilmington’s hottest new wellness center

staying active in retirement

When the Fitness Zone opened in The Davis Community’s Promenade, Program Director Julie Devinny knew it would be a big hit with residents and the surrounding neighbors. And she was right! As of March 2023, the Fitness Zone had more than 500 members and is adding more every day! Good thing it’s spacious and open 24 hours.

The Davis Community has partnered with Foresight Fitness to offer full-service programming at the Fitness Zone. There are a wide variety of classes in the group fitness studio and pool that are open to residents of all ages in Wilmington. Children, too!  In addition, they offer a pilates reformer studio and personal training services!

“The Fitness Zone brings health, life and vitality to The Davis Community,” Julie explained. “It is now the heart of the community and a place to socialize while chasing your fitness goals.”

Julie says the aqua fitness classes are the most popular classes by far. “We offer twelve aqua classes weekly.  They are such a fun way to stay in shape. And who could resist the crystal blue water?” Fitness Zone members can enjoy fitness classes, including Tai Chi, seated gentle yoga for mobility and balance, TRX, Cardio Dance, Core, Vinyasa Flow yoga, among many other fitness class options. In the Rehabilitation Fitness Center, members will also be able to take Pilates reformer classes.  The Fitness Zone has everything!

In addition to classes, members can get personal fitness training from the certified staff. Sessions can be held in the gym or pool and can be scheduled for any duration.

To learn more about the Fitness Zone or sign up for membership, visit their website directly at davisfitnesszone.com.

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