What’s your New Year’s Resolution?

Champions Assisted Living in Wilmington NC Wants to Know: What’s Your New Year’s Resolutions?

Most families have traditions with a good many of them being centered around the year’s holiday season. Whether it is your Aunt’s special sweet potato mash at Thanksgiving or your family’s annual hunt for the perfect Christmas tree, traditions like these add color, value, and a greater sense of love to one’s life. They help build positive memories and fortify relationships.

At Champions Assisted Living in Wilmington, NC, we find that one of the best ways to keep one’s relationship with an aging loved one going strong is to practice another common family holiday tradition – making New Year’s resolutions. New Year’s resolutions help keep family members connected, engaged, and aware of each other all throughout the year. Here are five resolutions you can make with your loved one to help keep your relationship strong.

#1 – Live Healthier Lifestyles

Exercise and healthy eating habits are essential to aging gracefully. Making a New Year’s resolution with your loved one to live healthier lifestyles will help you and them be more conscious of exercising and eating habits and by being involved in their routines, you can ensure that they are getting the exercise they need. You can do this by meeting with your loved one for walks around their community or by attending an exercise class with them. If you live too far away from your loved one’s retirement community, then you can arrange to go for a walk when they do and talk with them over the phone while walking.

#2 – Share Recipes

By making a New Year’s resolution to share recipes with your loved one, you will discover two great things happening at once. First, you will be providing your loved one with healthy recipes so you will feel better knowing that they are eating nutritious meals and second, you will be receiving the traditional family recipes that you grew up with that you can now use to instill a bit of your family’s tradition into your own family dinners.

#3 – Start a Letter Journal

Although email allows for instant communication, nothing beats an actual hand-written letter. For your New Year’s resolution, purchase a new journal and write your loved one a letter on the first page. Mail it to them along with postage they can use to mail it back to you after they write a letter to you on the next page. When you receive the journal back, repeat the process. A letter journal not only brings your loved one a sense of excitement whenever they receive your mail, but it will also provide you with a lasting memory that you can turn to time and time again once your loved one passes on.

#4 – Take Advantage of Technology

While old fashioned snail-mail letters encourage anticipation and excitement, there is still a place for technology in your relationship with your loved one. By providing them with a computer and teaching them how to use it, you can use Skype or another video phone service to enjoy face-to-face communication with your loved one. Doing so will also allow you to see your loved one’s state of health and the general condition of their living environment.

#5 – Talk About Important Issues

As your loved one ages, it will become increasingly important to discuss their desires regarding their future care. It is essential to talk about these issues, as tough as it may be, while your loved one is mentally capable of making their own decisions. Topics should include estate planning, assisted living centers, will preparation, and other things that should be taken care of before your loved one becomes incapacitated.

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