What is Skilled Nursing?

Skilled nursing isn’t something that most people have to concern themselves with until they have a loved one who needs it. Because of this, most people do not fully understand what skilled nursing actually involves.

In this month’s blog post, Davis Community’s Wilmington NC skilled nursing shares some important information that everyone should know about nursing homes and skilled nursing services.

What is a Skilled Nursing Facility?

Skilled nursing facilities are usually referred to by their more common name, nursing homes. These are communal living facilities that provide ongoing long or short-term care for the elderly who are incapable of independent living. In most cases, the health issues of the individual are simply too complicated to enable them to continue living at home.

In Wilmington NC, skilled nursing facilities are licensed healthcare facilities that are inspected and regulated by the North Carolina State Department of Health Services.

What Services Do Skilled Nursing Facilities Provide?

A skilled nursing care facility provides its residents with around the clock nursing care. These facilities employ trained healthcare professionals to deliver treatments and services to help residents overcome illnesses or injuries. The professionals often include physical therapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, and nurses. The treatments and services they provide help residents:

  • –Recover from surgery
  • –Reclaim their ability to communicate after suffering a stroke
  • –Improve their strength and balance
  • –Improve their ability to perform independent living activities such as dressing and eating on one’s own and personal hygiene habits

A skilled nursing home also provides the resident with all of the services and amenities they need to enjoy a better quality of life, including social and entertainment activities, laundry services, and transportation services. Some even offer on-site pharmaceutical services, radiology, and lab services. And for those that need it, some also offer respite care and hospice services for end-of-life care.

It is important to note that not all nursing homes provide their residents with all of these services. When researching skilled nursing homes for your loved one, be sure to inquire about the services offered so you can make sure all of your loved one’s needs will be provided for.

Davis Community in Wilmington NC Offers Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing

In a nursing home environment, physical therapy and wellness services take on a greater importance in your loved one’s daily routine. The reason is because the stronger they are, the better their health and mental capabilities will be. If your aging loved one needs therapy in order to recover from a surgical procedure or you are looking for skilled nursing services because your loved one has lost their ability to live independently, the Davis Community Center in Wilmington NC can help.

If you have any questions or you would like more information about Davis Community’s Wilmington NC skilled nursing homes and mental care facilities, please give us a call at 910-566-1200 today.

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