5 Myths about Senior Exercise and Rehabilitation in Wilmington NC

rehabilitation in Wilmington NC  rehabilitation in Wilmington NC

Daily exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle for people of all ages, but once an individual passes 50 years of age, exercising every day takes on a whole new importance. The reason is that the aging process naturally causes a decline in mobility, flexibility, and overall health. Eating a healthy diet and following a daily exercise regimen offers the best protection against a continuing decline in health.

But, not all seniors adhere to these lifestyle recommendations because they believe a few common myths about exercise and aging. At Davis rehabilitation in Wilmington NC, we want aging adults to stay as healthy as possible for as long as possible. Here are five of the most common myths that might be stopping you from living your healthiest life.

Myth: I’m Too Old for Exercise to Help Me

Fact: Research has proven that exercise at any age is beneficial and that it is never too late to start feeling the benefits. Daily exercise is shown to help older adults feel and look younger while also helping to lower their risks for Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, certain types of cancers, and obesity.

Myth: Exercise Increases the Risk of Falling Down in Seniors

Fact: Exercising every day increases one’s strength, balance, and coordination, all of which are essential to help lower the risks of falling down. Daily exercise also helps prevent loss of bone mass, another important factor in senior stability.

Myth: Older Adults Need to Rest More and Exercise Less

Fact: A sedentary lifestyle is not healthy for anyone, but it can be especially dangerous for people over 50. The more inactive one becomes, the greater the chance they will require more doctor visits, hospitalizations, and medications to combat health complications that could have been prevented by an active lifestyle.

Myth: Disabled Adults Can’t Exercise Sufficiently Enough

Fact: Most disabled adults still have some capacity to exercise, even if it is mild, low-impact movements. Even those who are chair-bound will see and feel benefits by doing chair aerobics, lifting weights, and doing range of motion exercises. Any level of exercise helps improve muscle tone and promote cardiovascular health.

Myth: It’s Too Late. I’m Too Old

Any exercise is better than no exercise regardless of age, even if it is simply taking a walk around your community. If you haven’t exercised in a while, then start slow with light walking and other low-impact exercises. By making it a daily habit, you will gradually get stronger, thus allowing you to expand your options.

Davis Community Offers Rehabilitation at Its Finest

The Davis Community has a state-of-the-art rehabilitation center where our residents can exercise and/or recover from their surgeries using modern equipment designed especially for seniors. We take pride in offering the best rehabilitation in Wilmington NC. If you have an aging parent who needs physical rehabilitation, then visit our Facebook page to learn more about the fitness center at Davis Community. Or, for more information about our retirement community, nursing homes, or skilled nursing services, just give us a call today at 910-566-1200.

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