Can Fidget Spinners Help Dementia Symptoms?

If you have school-aged children or grandchildren, chances are you’ve heard of fidget spinners. Originally marketed as an aid to help those with ADHD or anxiety to stay calm and focused, they have since become immensely popular simply for their sheer entertainment value. Can they do more? Can fidget spinners help dementia symptoms?

Fidget spinners are small, flat, hand-held devices that contain a ball bearing in the center. They are designed to spin easily, either between the user’s fingers or while sitting on a table top.

Recently, there has been some investigation into the value of fidget spinners for helping people with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Although not all patients have shown the same level of interest, initial results show that they offer promise in easing some of the symptoms related to dementia and aging in general.

Benefits of Fidget Spinners

They may calm the mind. Many people with Alzheimer’s and dementia often become agitated. Fidget spinners may help to soothe them and can give them a simple activity to focus on.

They can occupy the hands. Fidget spinners are a great choice for those who want to do something with their hands but are unsure of what that should be.

They can help maintain hand strength. Arthritis and general weakness of the hands affect many seniors. Using a fidget spinner may help to strengthen muscles in the hands and fingers and maintain dexterity.

They are quiet. Fidget spinners can be used without disturbing those around you. This makes them an ideal activity for those who may share living space in a residential care facility. They are also a good option for waiting rooms.

They can help grandchildren and grandparents connect. Since many children are caught up in the fidget spinner craze, they’ll think it’s pretty cool that grandma or grandpa is using the same toy that they enjoy.

No matter what age, we all need to engage in play. Fidget spinners are a simple way to offer seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia an enjoyable activity.

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