7 Ways to Make Grocery Shopping Easier for Aging Parents

How do you feel about grocery shopping? For some of us, it’s a necessary evil. For others, it’s a welcome escape. No matter how you feel about it, though, it’s something that most of us have to do quite regularly.

As we get older, grocery shopping presents some new challenges. Many seniors are limited physically, have to live on a fixed income, or have special dietary considerations. Maybe you’ve seen your parents or other seniors you know struggling with these issues. And maybe you’ve wondered if there’s anything that you could do to help them (short of doing their shopping for them).

Here are 7 tips to make grocery shopping easier for aging parents.

Before You Go

Taking the time to plan ahead saves seniors energy and money — both of which can be in short supply at times!

1. Make a List

This may seem like a no brainer, but the importance of making a list (and sticking to it) can’t be overemphasized — especially if you’re trying to stick to a set budget. Having everything written down cuts down on impulse purchases, which can add a lot to the final bill. It’s also helpful to organize your list by aisle. That way you’re less likely to miss things and waste energy retracing your steps.

2. Use the Weekly Flier

When planning meals for the week, check the sales flier from the local grocery store. Planning meals based on what’s on sale can cut expenses for seniors who are on a fixed income.

At the Store

3. Choose the Right Time

If shopping in a crowded store is difficult, it’s helpful to plan shopping trips for times when you know there are usually less people there. Many stores are much less busy first thing in the morning, so if Mom or Dad are early birds, encourage them to do their shopping then. Evenings are also frequently slower. Depending on the habits of people where your parents live, you may find a different time that works best.

4. Learn to Read Labels

Many seniors are concerned with eating healthy foods, and knowing how to read the nutrition information on labels helps them to find the healthiest options within their budget. Comparing items within a certain price range helps them to stick to a budget while still purchasing foods that are low in common unwanted additives, such as fat, sodium, and sugar.

5. Go With Someone

If possible, you may want to go shopping with your parents. Having someone to reach items on high shelves or bend down to get to the lower ones can make a big difference. If you aren’t able to help out in this way, consider a home care provider. Many of them will not only help out with the shopping itself, but may also provide transportation!

6. Don’t Overload Bags

Loading bags with lots of items may save a few trips from the car to the house, but it may make them too heavy for many seniors to carry safely. Remember to ask the bagger at the checkout line to keep them light.

Or Skip the Store Altogether

7. Order Groceries Ahead

Some stores will take orders for groceries (usually online) and do the shopping for you. With this option, all Mom and Dad have to do is choose a pick up time and show up to pay and have their car loaded with their purchases. Check local grocery stores to see if this is an option where your parents live.

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