How Seniors Can Run Errands Without a License

All of us value our independence, but as we get older independent living can become more and more challenging. Many seniors cope with declining physical or cognitive health that makes it harder to do the things they used to do on their own. When health or vision issues make it necessary to stop driving, the way they run errands and take care of day to day business has to change.

Thankfully, though, many seniors are able to make the adjustment and can continue successfully running errands and taking care of business outside of the home, even without a driver’s license. If you or a loved one are facing this challenge, the following suggestions may help.

6 Ways Seniors Can Run Errands Without a License

1. Public Transportation

If your loved one lives in an urban area, public transportation can make it simple to run errands without a license. Routes are usually easy to remember, and the fares can be quite low. Some cities even offer senior discounts on public transportation, making it an even more affordable option.

2. Ride Sharing

Services like Lyft and Uber are convenient and frequently more affordable than a taxi. All users need to do is sign up and install an app on their smartphone. Not a smartphone user? Not a problem. Services like GoGoGrandparent will arrange for rides and can be reached from a landline.

3. Volunteer Drivers

If your senior loved one lives in an area where public transportation or ride sharing aren’t available, or if he or she needs assistance while running errands (carrying groceries, for example), then a volunteer driving program might be the perfect option for you. Many community centers or nonprofit organizations offer transportation services for the elderly. You can use this map to search for a volunteer driving program in any state or contact your local area agency on aging to see what other services are available.

4. Go With a Friend

You could also offer to compensate a friend or a trusted neighbor for driving your loved one to the store or to appointments. It’s just possible that they may also decide to go out for lunch or coffee too — bringing some important social benefits as well!

5. Hire Someone

Personal care assistants or home care services are frequently willing to run errands for seniors or to accompany and assist them.

6. Take Care of Things From Home

While there are some things (like visiting the hair salon or the doctor) that can’t usually be done from home, there are other errands that your loved one may be able to take care of without having to go anywhere. Many banks offer online banking, reducing the need to visit in person. It’s also easy to pay many bills online. Most shopping can be done online as well. Some grocery stores and pharmacies will even deliver food and medication to your door!

Not having a driver’s license doesn’t automatically confine seniors to their homes. It may be an adjustment, but there are many options that make it possible to run errands and maintain an independent lifestyle.

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