5 Reasons Concierge Care for Seniors Should Interest You

It’s no secret that, as we get older, things that we used to do easily become more difficult. If you or a loved one are finding activities of day to day life a little challenging, you may have begun to think about what options for help are available.

Many seniors have family members who are willing to provide some assistance, but they may not be able to offer everything that’s needed. If this is the case with you or your loved one, home care services may be the answer.

Consequently, The Davis Community has recently added a new option to its array of services: a premium home care service called Concierge Care.

What is Concierge Care?

Concierge Care is a home care service that provides seniors living in Landfall, Cambridge Village, Wrightsville Beach, and Porter’s Neck, NC with the assistance they need to continue living an independent lifestyle. Available services include but are not limited to:

  • Light housekeeping
  • Meal preparation and nutritional guidance
  • Assistance with bathing, dressing, and grooming
  • Morning “wake up” and evening “tuck in” services
  • Medication Management
  • Assistance with an approved exercise program
  • Shopping
  • Companionship and socialization

5 Reasons Why Concierge Care for Seniors Should Interest You

1. It Gives Peace of Mind

Are you afraid Mom might not remember to take all of her medication? Do you worry that Dad may not be eating as well as he should? Do you ever feel guilty that you can’t be there to help as much as you’d like with cleaning or chores around the house? Above all, Concierge Care can put your mind at ease!

A professional caregiver can check in with your loved one, provide needed services and reminders, and give you the peace of mind of knowing that he or she is being well cared for.

2. It Provides Companionship

Loneliness can contribute to physical and mental health issues, and seniors are especially at risk for feelings of isolation. According to one recent survey, more than 40% of seniors experience loneliness on a regular basis.

Concierge care provides physical services such as housekeeping or meal preparation, but it can also be a much-needed source of companionship. As a result, it’s common for seniors and caregivers to bond, forming relationships that enhance their lives. Many seniors look forward to their appointments as a chance to visit and connect.

If your loved one doesn’t need extensive help around the home, Concierge Care can still provide opportunities for companionship or social outings that will contribute to their health and happiness.

3. It’s Totally Customizable

Concierge Care isn’t a one-size-fits-all package. It’s up to you and your loved one to determine which services are necessary. We then design a customized home care package to be tailored to their needs and schedule. However, should their circumstances change down the road, services can be added or discontinued as needed.

4. It Promotes Independence

Many seniors find themselves in a position where they may not need all of the care offered by assisted living or residential care facilities. Likewise, they aren’t quite able to remain at home without assistance. Some of them may have family nearby who can fill in the gap. However, some families live too far away, or their schedules don’t allow them to provide all of the needed assistance. This is where home care services come in.

The services offered by Concierge care contribute to senior safety and independence. This can make it possible for seniors to age in place, avoiding or delaying the need to leave the home they know and love.

5. It Gives You Time for What’s Really Important

Even if you live close enough to provide your loved one with assistance, delivering the care they need could easily become your primary focus when you see them. Wouldn’t you rather spend your time together visiting, chatting, and enjoying each other’s company?

By taking care of some of the more time-consuming tasks for your loved one, Concierge Care will free up your time to just be together, to go on lunch dates, to play games, listen to music, or do anything else that you enjoy.

Visit the Davis Community’s Assisted Living and SNF in Wilmington NC

If you or loved one are no longer capable of living a safe, independent lifestyle, then call the Davis Community today at 910.686.7195 or simply complete and submit our online information request form. We provide exceptional assisted living and skilled nursing services in Wilmington, NC.  We offer a strong and supportive environment where your loved one will feel welcomed and part of an active community. Davis Community is pleased to offer customized concierge home care services, including meal preparation and nutritional guidance, to independent seniors living in Landfall, Cambridge Village, Wrightsville Beach and Porter’s Neck, NC. Get to know the difference today — schedule a visit to the Davis Community!

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