How to Engage Generation Z With Music

Generation Z. You probably heard the term before, but maybe you’re not sure exactly who belongs to this generation. Or maybe you’re looking for a way to bridge the age gap and truly engage with younger family members. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be difficult.

If you have family members who were born between 1995 and 2015, they belong to Generation Z. This means that the oldest members of Generation Z will turn 25 this year, while the youngest will turn five.

One of the major things that characterize this generation is their comfort with digital technology. Most of them have grown up with tablets, smartphones, and social media as a part of everyday life. This affects everything from the way they communicate to their chosen forms of entertainment.

Grandparents of kids who belong to Generation Z sometimes struggle to keep up with their tech-savvy grandchildren. However, even if you can’t play video games or have never posted on social media, you may be able to engage children of Generation Z with things that are well within your comfort zone.

You may be surprised to learn that Vinyl records offer you endless possibilities to connect with the younger generations. Do you have an old collection of music gathering dust in your basement? Why not use it to have some meaningful fun with the grandchildren?

Here’s how your collection of records could help you to connect and create some lasting memories.

But Didn’t Vinyl Go “Out” Decades Ago?

While it’s true that vinyl records were eventually replaced, don’t dismiss their potential “cool factor.” For one thing, vintage and retro items are often appreciated by later generations. The novelty of playing a record is a potentially entertaining experience in and of itself.

In addition, vinyl has actually been making a comeback of sorts. Collectors are still searching out unique albums, but younger listeners appreciate the sense of nostalgia, the ownership of a physical album, and the listening experience provided by vinyl. As a matter of fact, vinyl sales have grown steadily in the past few years.

Once you introduce the subject, you may find that your Generation Z grandchildren are more interested in your records than you originally thought!

Share Your Memories

Your old records can provide you with an opportunity to entertain your grandchildren with stories from when you were their age. Does a certain song or a certain album bring back memories? Then go ahead and share them. Many children, teens, and young adults love hearing their parents and grandparents reminisce about their past.

Even the album covers can be conversation starters. Anyone from the younger generations is sure to notice either the hairstyles or the clothing. And they’re sure to be amused if you confess to sporting a few of those looks yourself!

Get Moving

If you’re in the mood for something more active, show off your old dance moves. Were you a jitterbug champion? Or could you dance the twist for hours? Go ahead and teach those skills to the next generation. Then put on some tunes and get your boogie on. You’ll be sure to enjoy a few laughs and create some memories while you’re at it.

Expand Your Taste in Music Together

As long as you’re inviting your Generation Z grandkids to experience your music, why not give them the chance to share their favorites too? Thanks to technology, they most likely have an entire playlist at the tips of their fingers. You may discover new music to add to your own collection.

Don’t have a record player? They’re not hard to come by. Your tech-savvy grandchildren would probably enjoy helping you find a good one online. A simple search on Amazon will result in many models, with lots priced under $100. Or you could check out your local big box store.

Music can have a powerful influence on people of any age. It can evoke emotion, promote relaxation, and bring us together. Music is a wonderful way to bond across generations. So the next time you’re with your grandkids, go ahead and dust off those old records and let the music work its magic!

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