Meet The Residents: Annie Britt

New resident at Davis Community

Annie Britt moved to The Davis Community from a log cabin on a large piece of land.  Settled in a cottage on Pullman Lane, she says she loves having neighbors. “We are all here for the same reasons,” she said. “Maintaining and keeping a home is too much.  Now, all I have to worry about is paying rent!”  She enjoys living with people who are like her and looks forward to dinner where she can be with her friends/neighbors. Even her family mentioned to her that they have noticed she seems to be happier, more peaceful and at ease since her move.

Annie recently had her brother, two sisters and their families over for dinner in the dining room and the Culinary Director made her a lasagna.  “I loved being able to entertain a large group without the hassle of cooking and cleaning up afterwards,” she explained. “It is wonderful to have a housekeeper, too, as I have never had one.”

Annie continues to go to church with her sister each Sunday at the same church they have always attended. She also likes to go for walks and averages about 10,000 steps per day. During her down time, she reads her Bible and she hopes to organize a Bible study group soon on campus.

When asked what she would say to those who are contemplating a move, Annie replied, “It is your decision to be happy or to be miserable. Choose happy. This is the best move I have ever made.”

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