7 Fun Facts About Senior Living in North Carolina

senior living in Wilmington, NC

Where you retire impacts how you retire. At The Davis Community, we love to be part of the Wilmington, NC, community —it’s the perfect place for seniors to cultivate a rich, fulfilling life. If you’ve never been to our great city before (or you’re considering making a move), here are a few of fun facts that just might convince you to stay:

Senior Living in Wilmington, North Carolina

An average day in a senior living community can look different for everyone. While some might enjoy an afternoon at the full-service spa, others are out and about in the city. No matter how you want to spend your day, living in a neighborhood that meets your needs is essential.

In Wilmington, NC, plenty of “hidden gems” are just waiting to be discovered by you (and whoever you enjoy life with)! Here are seven reasons that senior living in this city is superior:

Engage in a Unique Community

North Carolina boasts several cities worth visiting, but you won’t find any place as perfect for your retirement as Wilmington. This city’s strength is variety—there’s something for everyone (and we mean everyone). When you venture beyond The Davis Community, you’ll see just how unique the area is. 

Visit the Beautiful Beaches

You’ll probably run into a beautiful beach if you drive long enough. From Wrightsville Beach to Kure Beach, Masonboro Island, and Topsail Island, you can spend the day with a good book every weekend in the sand. Remember that some of these beaches are only accessible by boat, so plan on catching an island shuttle to get there.

Take an Adventurous Day Trip

Did you know you can reach multiple cities from Wilmington in under two hours? Known as the perfect place to stay for day-trippers, you can plan an excursion to Raleigh, Durham, or Fayetteville from Wilmington.

Stay Busy Year-Round with Mild Winters

No one wants to get caught up in the cold! At least not in retirement. Wilmington offers mild winters, so the activities or events at The Davis Community don’t have to stop when temperatures drop. The year-long good weather means that you can make the most of every day. But of course, we won’t blame you if you stay home—our cottages and apartments are cozy, comfortable, and the perfect place to spend your afternoon.

Enjoy Films in “Hollywood East”

Here’s a fact that most people don’t know: Wilmington is a movie metropolis! Known as “Hollywood East,” several films and tv shows have used this city as their cinematic backdrop. Some notable titles with Wilmington cameos include Dawson’s Creek, One Tree Hill, A Walk to Remember, Iron Man 3, Enchanted, We’re the Millers, and The Longest Ride.

Explore Local Nature

Have you ever seen a Venus Fly Trap growing in the wild? Carolina Beach State Park is one of the few places where these unique creations of nature grow. Beyond this carnivorous plant, there’s plenty of wildlife to explore. Whether you love bird watching or trail walking, there’s something to enjoy.

Learn a Rich History

Excite your inner history buff with everything from the Airlie Gardens to the USS North Carolina Battleship or one of the South’s historic flour mills. Don’t want to explore alone? Schedule a guided tour through the city to see the incredible sights.

Call The Davis Community Today

If you’re not convinced to move here yet, there’s still one thing that could change your opinion: call our team today for a tour of The Davis Community. It’s hard to picture your future when you can’t physically see it! A visit to our apartments, amenities, and community can help you decide if senior living in Wilmington is right for you.

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