5 Ways to Plan Ahead for Your Independent Living Lifestyle

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Today’s seniors want to embrace an independent lifestyle that includes spending time with friends and family, traveling, and exploring new interests. And lucky for them, independent living is a great way to stay active, happy, and healthy (but it does require some planning).

If you’re ready to make the change, here are five ways to plan for your independent lifestyle:

1. Start Financial Planning Early

It can be challenging to predict how much income you’ll need to live on, and the last thing you want to do is spend valuable retirement years worrying about numbers! Independent living is often less expensive than living at home and can help remove some guesswork that regular budgeting requires. But that doesn’t mean you still shouldn’t make a financial plan! 

Work with a qualified financial planner to ensure you’re ready to move into the next phase of life. These professionals will have the knowledge and resources to understand your financial situation and help you formulate a budget you can live on comfortably.

These experts can also give you a better idea of what you can afford, how you should spend your money, and ways to save. Having your finances in order will go a long way toward giving you peace of mind in your independent living lifestyle.

2. Research Independent Living Services

The Davis Community offers free maintenance and 24-7 security to make your life easier.

From routine repairs to landscaping, our maintenance program handles the upkeep for you. Even better, our combined monthly fee includes utilities, property taxes, and water.

But again, planning can still be a huge help. Take time to research the types of residences available and the amenities offered at nearby independent senior living communities. Then identify missing services you may require. The team at The Davis Community is here to help, and ensure you have all the resources you need to sit back, relax, and enjoy each day.

3. Research Community Clubs or Groups

Enriching day-to-day activities are essential to the independent living experience—the sooner you get involved, the sooner you can adapt to this new way of life. Joining clubs and groups is a great way to build those stimulating activities into your schedule and connect with other residents. Many clubs and groups meet regularly, so you have an event each week that you don’t have to think about or plan on your own. 

Research the clubs or activities you want to join and plan to join as soon as possible. The Davis Community has a dedicated club room where senior living community members can get together and participate in various activities or simply socialize with one another. Being involved in your local Wilmington, North Carolina community will help ensure your retirement social calendar stays full!

4. Organize and Downsize Clutter

Moving into a new independent living space is exciting—but it’s not always easy to fit your existing furniture into a new residence! We’ve all fallen victim to keeping extra “stuff” around; over time – we just forget it’s there. Start your spring cleaning early and begin preparations for the big move. But don’t get rid of everything! You need to bring your own decor style into the residence to help it feel like home.

5. Visualize and Prioritize Your Future

This last piece of advice may seem odd, but independent living is all about being your best self—each day should be an opportunity to take on a forgotten hobby or new experience. Sit down and think about what you want your future to look like: what do you want to do now that you may not have had time to do before?

Hobbies are one of the best ways to stay active and learn new skills through retirement. As you plan for your independent senior living lifestyle, you may want to prepare some materials so that you can start on your new hobbies right away. At The Davis Community, exploring new passions is easier than ever. We even have a dedicated art studio where community members can try sketching, painting, ceramics, and much more.

Plan for Your Future at The Davis Community

The Davis Community is committed to helping seniors live and age well.

The Davis Community’s 54-acre campus is carefully designed with different lifestyles in mind. Each resident has a private living space that offers easy access to the many amenities available throughout the premises. Our highest priority is enabling our members to explore their passions, preserve their health, and look to the future.

If you’re looking for convenient, luxurious senior living in Wilmington, North Carolina, you’ve found it in The Davis Community. Contact us today to learn more!

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