5 Common Myths About Independent Living

Independent living in Wilmington NC

As you cross into retirement, there are all sorts of new lifestyle transitions to consider. You’ll start to think about how you’ll spend your time, manage your financial portfolio, maintain an active social life, prioritize health and wellness, and afford that bucket list vacation. But one of the most important questions you may ask is: “Where should I live?” 

Chances are, you’ve thought about downsizing into a smaller home with fewer costs and less maintenance in a senior-focused community. Those thoughts often lead to another essential question: “Is independent living in a retirement community the right choice for me?” 

Independent Living in Wilmington

Forget what you’ve heard about boring housing, flavorless meals, and days of isolation. To help tackle any outdated stereotypes you have about independent living, we’ll break down a few common myths that like to stick around:

Myth #1: Independent Living Feels Sterile

While independent living as part of a retirement or senior living community may offer healthcare services and wellness facilities, the actual environment is not a hospital. It’s much more like a beautiful, vibrant college campus! You won’t find harsh fluorescent lights or generic furniture. Independent living curates a retreat-like experience with state-of-the-art residential amenities and a spacious, comfortable apartment that you can decorate, configure, and personalize however you choose. 

Myth #2: Senior Communities Lack Independence 

It’s normal to associate independence with home ownership, but you might find that without a house to maintain, you have more freedom. Instead of worrying about the little details, you can take an exercise class at the Fitness Zone or enjoy a luxurious massage at the salon and spa.  Fancy a bite to eat? Dine at onsite gourmet restaurants with chef-curated menus.

There’s no need to fret about a loss of privacy either—each apartment features its own bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living area, and patio or balcony. Independent living at The Davis Community in Wilmington is self-sufficient and autonomous.  

Myth #3: Independent Living is Isolating

Not only are loved ones welcome to visit you on campus, but there are also many ways to form relationships with the other residents. Our independent living community hosts all kinds of social events to help nurture neighborly connections, and in terms of hobbies, we also have that covered. Unleash your creative juices in the art studio or learn to practice yoga and tai chi. You might even spend an afternoon at local Wilmington museums, live performances, or other nearby attractions.  

Myth #4: It’s Difficult to Stay Active in Senior Living

We can’t stress this enough: independent living communities serve residents with a wide range of interests, age brackets, and lifestyle preferences. Our campus environment caters to younger retirees who like to stay active and independent and is home to multiple residents in their 60s and 70s who spend each day living life to the fullest.

Myth #5: Independent Living Isn’t Affordable

The total cost of your expenses actually comes in convenient, all-inclusive monthly rate. On average, the cost of independent living in Wilmington is about $3,700 per month, including housing, meals, entertainment, amenities, transportation, cleaning services, and 24-7 emergency response. Compare this with the cost of a house or condo, which averages $7,400 per month—with nothing else built in. That’s a pretty big difference!

Independent Living at The Davis Community in Wilmington is Ready for You

If you are searching for the ideal place to enjoy retirement in ease and comfort, look no further than our independent living community here in beautiful Wilmington, North Carolina. We invite you to tour The Davis Community’s scenic, luxurious 54-acre campus and learn more about our tailor-made options to suit your needs. If an active, vibrant life is what you seek, we’re confident that you will find it here, so contact our team to join the community!

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