Retired? Here Are 5 Reasons You Need to Consider Independent Living Now

retired couple in Wilmington NC

Now that you’re retired and enjoying some free time, you may have noticed that some of your acquaintances have moved to independent living communities. While some have had a senior living community in their plans from the beginning, it may be an entirely new concept for others.

In fact, many are surprised to learn that today’s independent living communities are designed to help seniors get the most from their active retirement years. Independent living in Wilmington is about enhancing life—not limiting it.

5 Reasons to Choose Independent Living in Wilmington

Independent living doesn’t mean you’re giving up the lifestyle you enjoy. It means you’re laying the foundation to remain independent over the coming years. And if you need extra support over time, services like skilled nursing can be added to your long-term plans. You can stay in the community you love and get the help you need.

The residents at The Davis Community enjoy a vibrant, active lifestyle—but it’s hard to describe everything we provide in just a few words. At The Davis Community, you’ll find:

1. More Freedom

If your retirement dreams include plenty of travel and finally pursuing those long-held interests, the “lock-and-leave” lifestyle of independent living was made for you. You won’t have to spend your time mowing the lawn or making necessary home repairs. Your leisure time belongs to you (and not to home maintenance). 

Independent living in Wilmington doesn’t just put a roof over your head. It includes meals, transportation, cleaning services, entertainment, and other amenities that allow you to enjoy every day to the fullest.

2. An Active Social Life

Isolation is a serious threat to the mental health of seniors. Distance from our family or more significant life changes can affect how we feel.

In a senior living community, you never have to be alone. You can attend social events or visit the community club room. You can also join off-campus excursions to enjoy Wilmington with other residents.

3. Improved Wellness

Caring for your physical and mental health is an essential aspect of retirement. Independent living in Wilmington makes it easier to meet all of your wellness goals. 

You can improve your spiritual, emotional, social, and physical fitness levels at The Davis Community. Why not take a class at our onsite fitness center, join neighbors for a morning walk, or attend a seminar in the wellness center? Most importantly, you can feel safe participating in these activities designed specifically for seniors.

4. Delicious Meals

Sadly, one in six seniors in the U.S. faces hunger or malnourishment. Preparing meals or finding a way to get access to fresh food takes time and effort. Some may rely on frozen and highly processed foods because it’s too much trouble to cook from scratch daily.

In an independent living community, menus are created with residents’ nutritional needs and preferences. You can try new things or stick with old favorites. And with various restaurants, watering holes, grab-and-go meals, and private dining, you never have to worry about enjoying the perfect meal.

5. Security

Home should be a sanctuary. Still, older adults don’t always feel safe at home, especially living alone. Health challenges, mobility issues, or concerns about neighborhood safety can leave some independent seniors feeling anxious.

Independent living in Wilmington means help is never farther away than pushing a button or making a call. You’ll enjoy your independence more knowing your residence is protected (even when you’re away). 

Enjoy All of the Benefits of an Independent Living Community

If independent living sounds like the good life to you, contact The Davis Community to learn more about the benefits and amenities included in our resident plans. We love sharing more about what we’re building and the future of our community—and how you can be a part of it.

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