Memory Care at Davis: A Community-Based Approach

A little forgetfulness, memory loss, or slower processing rates are all normal experiences as we get older. However, memory loss that disrupts daily life could be a symptom of Alzheimer’s, dementia, or another more significant memory impairment.

Memory Care at The Davis Community

If you or your loved one is facing a memory loss diagnosis, it’s okay to feel worried or anxious. But no matter what the future has in store, building a community of support around you is essential—and The Davis Community is here to join that network. Our approach to memory care focuses on quality of life and creates an environment where your loved one can thrive:

Safety as a Priority

The Davis Community, particularly Champions Assisted Living, is all about preserving and protecting your loved one’s safety. This division is specially equipped with staff and security to meet the challenges of caring for residents with memory challenges. Even simple initiatives like placing passcode locks at the entrance of every area can give you peace of mind that your loved one is safe. 

A Familiar Space

While a resident’s space will surely be safe and secure, it will also feel like home. Special care residents have the option of apartment living within Champions Assisted Living, or they can opt for the Health Care Center. This center is a 24-resident dementia care household with specific access to outdoor spaces, community dining rooms, and living areas. We know the many benefits of being outside and socializing with others; memory challenges shouldn’t limit one’s ability to engage in their community. 

Regular Activities

It is essential that all residents at The Davis Community feel like they are a part of our family. In fact, memory care residents are encouraged to attend all community activities available. Social isolation is a challenging part of aging, but participating in activities helps residents remain engaged.

The Davis Community also offers activities to boost cognitive functioning for memory care residents. At each event, staff are available to assist and guide residents throughout the experience. Curious to learn more? Check out a sample memory care activities calendar to learn more about what Davis offers. 

Individualized Care

The Davis Community is redefining the healthcare experience and prides itself on the care provided to its residents. We maintain excellent staff-to-resident ratios to meet the unique needs of you or your loved ones. Memory care residents receive regular evaluations and specialized therapy as needed.

Your loved one will also receive assistance with daily tasks from personal hygiene to medication management. The Health Care Center provides around-the-clock medical care and socialization in a controlled environment. Residents receive individual treatment to guarantee they receive the care and attention they need. Our ultimate goal is to guide your loved one throughout their day while maintaining independence. 

Memory Care in Wilmington: See for Yourself

What started as an assisted living facility has grown into a vibrant senior living community. Our retirement community is here to help you make the most of your golden years. Memory Care at The Davis Community is no exception: we want our residents to feel they belong. The unique benefits of our memory care community make life fulfilling, safe, and supportive. Sign up for a tour today to learn more.

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