Why Seniors are choosing retirement communities with Cottage Homes

Retirement Communities with Cottage Homes

couple working on a plant togetherThese days, there are more options than ever for senior and retirement living, and not all seniors have to choose a nursing home as their next residence. Many retirement communities, especially continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs), now offer independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing, rehabilitation, and memory care living options. And, within those categories, seniors have even more options when it comes to their next home, apartments, townhomes and even cottages.

All the Reasons to Love Senior Cottage Living

All Your Housekeeping Is Taken Care of

Whether you choose independent living or assisted living in a cottage home, you’ll be guaranteed to never clean again. For retirement communities that offer cottage living, housekeeping services, including yard work, are usually taken care of for you. That means you can enjoy your cottage year-round without the need to worry about watering any outdoor plants or doing any laundry.

You Get Tons of Indoor Space

Typically, cottage homes offer more interior space than apartments do. Many cottage homes for seniors also offer more private space than you would find in a nursing home; for example, cottages provide private kitchens and bathrooms. Cottages may also provide the option to have a spare bedroom, which is not usually found in an independent or assisted living apartment.

Cottage Homes Are Attractive and Stylish

Perhaps the top reason that seniors choose to live in a cottage is for the appeal because cottages are usually more aesthetically attractive than apartments. After all, cottages are a type of house, and apartments are individual living units within a larger building. Many cottages are also decorated with colorful accents, and they may come with a yard full of beautiful flowers and bushes.

You May Access Personal and Medical Care Around the Clock

With independent living and assisted living, seniors can usually call a nurse or personal assistant for help, especially in cases of emergencies, 24/7. This gives you a completely safe environment in your cottage home, and it gives you the opportunity to enjoy cottage living at the same time as independent or assisted living.

Cottages in a Senior Community Have Added Amenities

Cottages that are a part of a senior living community, like a CCRC, often include access to shared community spaces, such as gyms, restaurants, pools, parks, and more. A lot of senior living communities with cottage homes also provide medical services, like doctor’s visits, to be arranged inside each home.

Other amenities you may find from living in a senior cottage home include barber and beauty services, podiatry services, meal services, religious services, shopping and transportation services, libraries, and entertainment. Many senior living communities also organize social events for those who live in cottage homes to meet their neighbors and create lasting friendships with other community members.

If you’re interested in cottage homes for seniors, take a look at The Cottages at The Davis Community. These cottages are offered in two styles, with or without a den, and all feature garages, furnished kitchens, and spacious living areas. The Davis Community’s independent living cottages, found in Wilmington, North Carolina, are maintenance-free, and they come with access to 24/7 emergency care response, giving you a worry-free home environment.

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