5 ways to help your loved ones celebrate the Winter Holidays in a retirement community

Getting into the Holiday Spirit

Grandfather and grandaughter

If you or a loved one is spending the winter holiday season in a retirement community — especially for the first time — you may feel as if the season will be different than it was in the past. However, it will be just like any other time you have moved, and you still have the same options as you always did.

You may choose to travel to see family or friends or invite family or friends to come visit you in your new home. Many residents in retirement communities find that their holidays are enjoyable when they celebrate with like-minded people in their communities, taking advantage of all the community has to offer.

Join Community Events

Lots of retirement communities offer holiday-themed events for residents to enjoy. Some communities offer art classes, themed fitness classes, musical programs, holiday movie screenings, or planned parties for residents.

All community residents can join the festivities and enjoy fellowship with their neighbors throughout the holidays. Some communities offer events such as gift-wrapping workshops, cookie decorating, or holiday musical events to which residents may invite their family members. This allows residents to stay connected with their loved ones.

Attend a City Event

You may also choose to attend citywide events, such as your favorite “The Nutcracker” performance or the latest holiday movie. If transportation is an issue for these events, remember that most retirement communities may also offer transportation to and from nearby locations.

Take on New Traditions

Living in a retirement community doesn’t have to change your family traditions;  instead, it might open doors to exploring exciting new options. You can invite family members to join you in the community or reserve a private dining room to host a big lunch or dinner. Friends or family can even bring their favorite dish or have something prepared by the community. Traveling to see a family member during the holidays is easier, too, as you know your home will be safe and secure in your absence.

 Enjoy Holiday Foods

Residents of retirement communities often find that dining is the highlight of their day, and each community’s menu only gets better around the holidays. You will find that communities tailor resident meals with seasonal favorites, ranging from main dishes, like honey-glazed ham, to desserts, such as pies and homemade treats. During the holiday season, many residents invite friends or family to join them in savoring the specialty meals in the onsite restaurant or their favorite dining room.

Make Every Gift Count

If you are a resident of a retirement community, chances are you have made some great friends within your community. During the holiday season, you can show your appreciation by giving gifts to your new friends. These gifts range anything from a store-bought item to a simple hand-written recipe card.

For those who are thinking about a friend or family member who lives in a retirement community, gifts are always appreciated. Consider what they might cherish and use such as framed photographs, books, a night out to a local show or program, a holiday plant, flowers, something special for their new home or a day with you enjoying the activities available at the community.

Whether you choose to travel during the holidays, stay home in your new community residence, or visit a family member in that new residence, the holidays are magical times for everyone. Be sure to take this time to explore retirement communities, too, to see how they celebrate the season with their residents. For example, The Davis Community includes all of the above plus much more. Holidays are a special time for everyone, and we invite you to explore what they could mean for you within our community. To learn more about The Davis Community, call us today at 910-679-9885.

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