Active Retirement Communities – Independence with Benefits

While some people would like to remain at home as they get older, many find it increasingly difficult to keep up with their home maintenance and housekeeping, or they no longer desire to spend their time on these tasks. Alternatively, that’s why moving into active retirement communities is becoming more popular — they handle all home maintenance, have premier amenities and offer engaging programming and events.

What is an Active Retirement Community?

Retirement communities that offer living options for active seniors are typically categorized as independent living communities. In these communities, all residents will have their own space, whether it’s an apartment or cottage.

While many seniors choose to downsize when moving into a retirement community, others may find a home that’s just as large or even larger than their previous one. Additionally, these communities often offer enriching activities on-site and provide for opportunities to socialize and enjoy the company of existing or new friends.

What Active Retirement Communities Offer

A Low-Maintenance Lifestyle

In senior living communities, residents don’t mow their lawns or, in colder climates, shovel snow. Instead, outdoor and indoor maintenance is handled by team members of the community.

Most communities also offer housekeeping services, and this frees up time for you to do other activities you love.

Amenities and Dining

Perhaps one of the most popular perks of living in a retirement community is the on-site amenities and dining options. In the majority of communities, residents can dine at cafes and formal restaurants without leaving their community or can even order food to go.

Most retirement communities have a plethora of amenities such as pools, fitness centers, putting greens, pickleball and more to help you stay active as you age. Additionally, there is a span of clubs and events to fill up your social calendar.

Time for Family and New Friends

When you join a retirement living community, you will find that you have more time to spend with family and friends since you do not have any house maintenance to take care of. In some communities, you may be able to reserve a community space, such as a dining room, if you would like to invite your family over for a large family dinner or gathering. Plus, with so many new neighbors, you are bound to forge new friendships with like-minded adults within your community.

Transportation Services

While many residents choose to keep their vehicles, some may have the option to save on gas by taking the community’s own transit. You may be able to schedule a ride to and from a location such as a doctor’s office or the grocery store, or enjoy the provided transportation to a scheduled event, theater or group activity.

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