I’m Not Ready Yet – Common Reasons People Put Off Moving To A Senior Living Community

Many adults over the age of 65 do not feel ready  to move into a retirement community — even if they have already retired. You may still be taking care of a home, cooking meals, spending time with friends and family and still be working. Did you know some retirement communities encompass a lifestyle where you can spend your time enjoying the things you love without the burden of the things you don’t want to do?

Most senior living communities, like The Davis Community, provide an array of services and amenities, including chef-prepared meals, community events and easy access to higher levels of care. Many older adults hesitate to make the move into independent or assisted living for many reasons — they are overwhelmed with the thought of downsizing and moving, they don’t want to leave the independence and comfort of their home, they don’t think they can afford it or they want to wait until they need assistance. However, making the move can be life-changing or even life-saving.

Physically moving can be a challenge

The physical act of moving is a challenge no matter what age you are. But downsizing 60+ years of accumulated possessions can be overwhelming and generate a mix of emotions.  Moving requires a lot of packing, sorting and cleaning, which can be difficult for those with physical limitations and who may not have or want to ask for help from family members. However, professional downsizers are available to help dispose of or sell unwanted items, sort, pack, move, unpack and place all of their items in their new home. Many retirement communities have connections  to local companies that provide these services.

Understanding the cost of living in a retirement community

The cost of living in a retirement living community may also be a concern, especially if you no longer have a mortgage on your home and you are comparing your monthly expenses. The monthly fee in a senior living community may seem higher than your previous mortgage, but you should consider what it includes. You will no longer have to pay taxes on your home, your utilities will be included as will home maintenance, dining, amenities such as fitness, a pool, movie theater, social activities, craft space and transportation. According to Zillow and Thumbtack data, homeowners can expect to pay more than $14,155 a year in hidden costs including maintenance of the home.

Freedom and living independently

One myth that seniors often associate with senior living is the thought that you lose your independence. This is false, of course, because living in an independent living cottage or apartment is just like living in your current home. Your days are never restricted, and you may continue to go to your favorite church, restaurant, salon, club or other activity on or off campus. If you want to go away for a week, a month, or six-months to visit family, friends or your vacation home, you are welcome to do that with no worries about keeping your new home safe.

Planning for future needs

Many adults prefer to stay in their current home, hoping to remain healthy until the inevitable occurs. After all, our homes are filled with countless memories and often feel like safe havens. Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned, especially when an injury or health issue occurs. When decisions must be made immediately, you may find your choices are limited. That is the advantage of choosing a new home while you are healthy. Plus, you can enjoy the amenities and socialization while having peace of mind that you have a plan in place for the future.

Talking it over with your adult children

If you are considering a move, sharing your thoughts with your adult children and your financial advisor may be helpful. Discuss with them what your needs are now and what they may be next week, next year or in five years, and then what your plan is to meet those needs. Living in a retirement community may provide you with the independence and freedom you want for yourself, as well as provide peace of mind for them.

Do you love Wilmington, North Carolina? If you are considering retirement living, The Davis Community is an exceptional rental community with spacious cottages and apartments. You will also find amenities, services and options for future care should you ever need it. Find out more by calling 910-679-9885 or clicking here to fill out a form!

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