retirement homes and apartments in Wilmington NC

5 Tips to Plan the Perfect Retirement in Wilmington, NC

If retirement is around the corner, it’s time to start planning for your future! This is an exciting time of life when you can focus on your own needs (and finally prioritize some much-needed relaxation). As independent living experts in North Carolina, The Davis Community team knows how to help you retire in style.

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Luxury retirement homes and apartments in Wilmington NC

A Day in the Life of Independent Living at The Davis Community

When you or someone you love decides to start searching for an independent living community, you may wonder: how independent will that life be? How different will a day in an independent living community be from life in other neighborhoods? Will you still be able to maintain your lifestyle and enjoy the activities you already…

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Luxury retirement homes and apartments in Wilmington

Senior Living in Wilmington, NC: 5 Things to Know

Ready to make the move to an independent senior living community? Wilmington is a popular destination for retirees with its mild climate, miles of beaches, and vibrant cultural scene. In addition to the friendly people and reasonable cost of living, you can prepare to enjoy a coastal city filled with social and recreational activities. 

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The Official Summer Guide for Seniors in Wilmington, NC

The Davis Community in Wilmington, NC, is a beautiful community for seniors year-round, but it is especially vibrant in the summertime. Between the gorgeous outdoor spaces, unique activities, perfect weather, and friendly neighbors, seniors always have plenty to do as independent living residents in Wilmington, NC. The Davis Community’s Summer Guide for Seniors Whether you…

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Renting vs. Buying for Seniors

As you age, finding the right living arrangement can be tricky. Many want an affordable home that meets their needs that helps maintain their independence. Whether you are looking for your own senior-friendly home or searching for a loved one, you’ll likely find yourself trying to decide between two options: renting and buying. To help…

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What Is Independent Living? Is It Right for My Parents?

If you are considering helping your parents transition to a senior community, you may be wondering: What are my parent’s options? What is independent living? What kind of services do my parents need? Most independent living communities look and feel like private residences but come with daily support and a variety of social gatherings, amenities,…

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Everything You Need To Know To Plan For Retirement

Let’s face it: most of us would rather not discuss retirement planning. The concept of retirement might seem too far away to be relevant to some. Or, for others, retirement age could seem too close for comfort. Still others might be intimidated by the different financial terms and options involved in retirement planning. Whatever the…

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